The IT Business Analyst Oregon Man Alexander Sviridyuk – How to become a Good Business Analyst

Describe your business role and Oregon Man Alexander Sviridyuk will introduce how to become a good business analyst in short period of time.


Experience professional IT Buisness Analyst are responsible for improving a company’s competitiveness and performance across a broad spectrum of criteria.

While it would be natural to assume that an IT Business Analyst works on technology systems, the IT Business Analyst job description is necessarily expanding beyond the “IT” component and into the “Business” component, and that means great things for the career prospects of analysts in this space

we’ll look at a concept I call the Business-Technology Balance and then discuss several  ways that the IT Business Analyst job is expanding as the balance shifts.

Business Analyst Job Responsibility

Working as individual Sr consultants or employed by  small, medium and large organizations, business analysts bring highly sought-after expertise to companies of all types and sizes. Analyzing and pointing out the business objective and solving business challenges is the strong suit of these professionals; to accomplish this, they collect, review and analyze information that enables them to make sound recommendations. A company  growth is totally depend on its business analyst role.



Author: Alex Sviridyuk

Oregon City man Alexander Veniamin Sviridiuk who fired dozens of Employees Due to Shotage of projects

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